ABLE Security - Littleton, NH
Littleton, NH

Commercial Security Services

Commercial Buildings Require Professional Security Systems.

Able Security brings over 25 years of security experience and can provide you with the most up-to-date products and services on the market. Able Security partners with some of the leading security companies to bring these services to Northern New Hampshire businesses.

Commercial Fire Alarms

Freeze Protection Services - meet your insurance provider's requirements with our Freeze Protection Service

Burglary Alarms

Motion detectors, glassbreak detectors, window contacts, door contacts and much more...

Fire Alarm Systems

Fire alarm design and install, commercial & residental, sprinkler alarm monitoring, fire alarm testing and maintance.

Environmental Alarms

Low temperature alarms, burner alarms, gas alarms, high water alarms, and much more...


Cameras, dvr recorders, network ip cameras, monitors , cctv power supplies and remote viewing

Access Control

Card readers, proximity readers, magnetic door locks and much more...

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